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Rakan-Rakan Pengikutku

Gosh, I Swear That Today Is The Boring Day I Ever Had Since I Have Arrived At My Home!

7:24 PM / Ilham terbitan: 'Ariff Ansaruddin /

I can't speak, speechless now
Oh please, any ideas what must I do for this three weeks?
Sleep, Eat, Hangout, what else?
Grrrrh, if I have any motorcycle
But I don't like it actually
I prefer car, but the problem is
Where is my license?

Oh no, I don't have license
Means no cars
Means can not hangout with my friends
If my dad still have Waja
Maybe I can still drive that car
But, Mercedes Benz?
That's a crazy thing la

Wanna sleep la, but I am not in sleep mode la
Wanna eat, but not hungry
Wanna hangout, but where is my friends?

Haiya, hindraf la!!!

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