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9 Weeks at UKM

3:15 PM / Ilham terbitan: 'Ariff Ansaruddin /


Yeay finally it's end of week 9 at UKM. Still have 5 weeks before final exam. Oh Allah, it's getting closer and closer to me, but I have nothing to do. Revision for mid semester test, I've not finished yet even though this Monday I have Math test. Busy? Lazy? It's combine each others and ruin my spirit to study. This weekend, I have free time at Saturday afternoon only. That morning I have Freshman Camp meeting at FKAB and thanksgiving ceremony after Maghrib. This Sunday, I will go to Port Dickson to handle a program with my friends from UPSM. Yeah quietly busy right now.

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But, there's more things that I have learnt from 9 weeks at UKM since I am second year student. Yet, I am more matured to handle any problems (err...maybe), more to tend with any copes and more being dumped with any issues. Internal issues, issues from my work and study, and don't forget to mention it; issues from girls. Although the last one is a thing that makes me boring and speechless to say, but I got to know something new about it. And later, I will post what is the new things I've learnt for this 9 weeks at UKM.


p/s: Ordinary Differential Equation at Monday. wish me luck. amin

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Comment by Rozuan Ismail on November 20, 2011 at 5:23 PM

sama lah.mid sem x hbis lagi test.dah nak final

Anonymous on March 24, 2012 at 7:25 AM

bodo bodo bodo.hina gama lain bodo fuck u

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