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An Arab-Malay from dad and Chinese-Indonesian from mom. Proudly to be born in Malaysia and proudly to have descended from Indonesia. Speak in Malay but write in English fluently. ex-11th Elementary School, Bukittinggi; ex-4th Junior High School, Bukittinggi; ex-1st Madrasah Aliyah, Bukittinggi; ex-South Lake City High School, Kuala Lumpur; ex-Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College; Civil and Structural Engineering, National University of Malaysia student and University of Indonesia student. Golf, Futsal, Badminton, Chess, Handball. Manchester United FC, Negeri Sembilan FA, Semen Padang FC, Germany football national team, Malaysia national football team. Facebooking, Twitting, Blogging, Karaoke.

Rakan-Rakan Pengikutku

Kick Out The Mistakes

11:48 AM / Ilham terbitan: 'Ariff Ansaruddin /


Sometimes we don't look back again to reach our destination, but how can we learn our mistakes if we don't learn from our mistakes? Yeah, we are not computer, can redo anything, can pause our work, can reset our error. But we are supercomputer; human. We can't redo anything, but we can learn from our mistakes. We can't pause our work, but we can take a nap before continue it. We can't reset our error, but we can change our error into correction.

I am comphuman

Yeah, learn from my mistake. Even always do the same mistake. Grrr, hate it!!! Argh, why must happened to me? Human error, or mistake error? And now this is the fifth 'Double A' come into me. Enough with it!

Why must me?

I just arrived from my meeting. Sounds funny when I attended it with formal uniform, with long sleeves and blue-white stripes shirt, dark blue trousers and my Louis Vuitton shoes. Yeah, I am now Vice Director of Research and Development, Secretariat of Human Resource Development. Thanks Allah, this meeting just once in 3 months, and the next meeting will be held on December 1st, 2011. This is the biggest position I receive after Executive Councillor of Publicity in my faculty and Deputy of Head Director in Temasya Gemilang Kolej Keris Mas last year.

When meeting ended

Another Director and Vice Director
Oh no! Today I have a class at 8 am, but my eyes can't close and I can't sleep. Urrmm, today I want to meet her at bus stop, 5 pm. Okay my friend, see you later.


p/s: this is my first trial with English entry. sounds weirdo with my vocabulary, maybe.

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